Ron and Antoinette Davalos explains that they were bitten by the "entrepreneur bug".   When the opportunity to start a new business presented itself, they acted fast.  "With my wife's ambition and degree in business, I knew the possibilities were endless.", Ron said.  

Mr. Ron is correct: opportunities are limitless with entrepreneureship.  With the support of ASII's Small Business Microlending program, Roan and Antoinette were able to transform their dream into a reality.  Together they created Baby's Snack Box, a food stand located at 2025 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70116.  The food stand offers delicious refreshments such as hot dogs, nachos, snowballs, ice cream, and much more.  Ron says that owning his own business has changed his life.  Although long hours are required, the benefits of owning a business far outweigh any burdens.  


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‚ÄčASII's Small Business: Entrepreneurial Spotlight