Financial Counseling and Education Intake Packet**

**The intake packet is required to be completed prior to all scheduled counseling sessions.   For the required homebuyer education counseling session, you must follow our registration protocol.  Please see the homebuyer education registration protocol below:

1.      You must first register at the following locations or online:

Preservation Resource Center (Click for location and parking information)
923 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70117

On Path Federal Credit Union (all locations)

The Credit Report fee for our services is as follows:

Individual- $175
Couple/ Household- $225

The fee is waived for individuals at 50% AMI or lower or recent widows/widowers in the last 24 months.


2.      Schedule your counseling session with a counselor.  This counseling session is conducted to gauge your readiness for homeownership.  During the session, we will pull your credit report and develop a budget. The counseling session is a requirement and must be scheduled prior to the class. 

3.      Attend your scheduled one on one counseling session.  All participants are required to bring in the required intake application and required documents listed on the intake packet cover page.  This intake packet will be either emailed to you or provided to you at the time of registration.

4.      Attend the First Time Homebuyer’s Workshop and/ or Financial Fitness in its entirety.  The location of the class will be disclosed to you when you register for the class.  All participants must complete the class in its entirety to receive a letter of completion.  The letter of completion of the First Time Homebuyer’s and Financial Fitness classes are valid for 2 years from the day of completion.


"To provide affordable lending opportunities and expand access to financial education and other vital community services."