"To provide affordable lending opportunities and expand access to financial education and other vital community services."

My agent said at the closing that I was the "savviest buyer she's had" and I wholly attribute that to your class. 

-J. Donovan



ASII Nonprofit Manager, Giazzlyn Brumfield, was featured on WLAE'S: Affordable Housing Matters.

ASII's  Homebuyer Education Workshops help prospective homebuyers learn about purchase  contracts,  insurance, fiscal fitness, and much more.

With ASII's help, I was finally able to buy my first home.  I would like to thank ASII staff for everything. Without the assistance and patience of the staff, this would have never happened. 


Media Spotlight

Our customized seminars and workshops help get your finances on track, putting you one step closer to your dreams.



2018 First Time Home Buyer Education Workshop 

ASII addresses barriers and helps residents fulfill their dreams of home ownership.