"To provide affordable lending opportunities and expand access to financial education and other vital community services."

A Shared Initative Inc.  (ASII) remains committed to providing quality financial housing counseling services without risking the health and safety of our clients.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, ASII will adapt how we deliver counseling and education services to prevent the spread of the virus. 

With that, ASII will be offering all services in a virtual format until further notice.       
Below is the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family:

ASII's First-Time Homebuyer Class Schedule for 2020

Class Dates
Last Day to Register
 Date to Start Counseling Sessions 
May 9th & 16th  
June 8th-11th
06/1/2020 05/20/2020
July 1th & 18th 
July 13th-16th (Financial Fitness) 
Sept 14th-17th 
Oct 17th & 24th
Nov 2nd-5th 

Credit Report Fee (Fee must be paid at the time of registration)
Individual             Couple/ Household
$175                                   $225

Note: The cost of your counseling session and workshop is no cost to you. However, you must attend both portions to receive a certificate.  Also to get the biggest grants, your income must be 80% of the annual median income. 

Fees will also be waived for the following:

  • Individuals widowed in the last 24 months
  • Individuals 50% AMI and below in the last 24 months

2020 HUD GNO Income Limits
% Median Family Income
80% 39,45045,05050,70056,30060,85065,85069,85074,350

Individuals with this method will be required to substantiate before registering.

How to Register:
For Online Scheduling go to: 


or the widget near the bottom of this page.

First, pick your preferred counselor/location and then your class. You will have the option to pay online during the counseling portion with credit or debit cards. 

In this option, your counselor will contact you in case of any potential scheduling conflicts or questions as well as forwarding you our intake and necessary disclosures. 

Documents are to be faxed or scanned back to us. If you don't have either of those pieces of equipment, but have a smartphone, we will email instructions for scanning apps that can turn your pictures into pdf's through the app. you can download in either the Apple or Google store at no cost. 

Sessions will be either over the phone or via teleconference.

Classes will be via teleconference. 

How to contact us:
Our contact information is the same:

504-383-3764 (cell-Joseph Roberts Jr.)

504-327-7763 (cell-Johnathan Moody)
504-818-3036 Office 

504-818-3034 Fax

For the quickest response please reach out via email. 

Due to the demand for our services and working in and out of the office, we primarily use our cell phone system will port to google voice, a cellphone system that allows us to contact you away from the office. When we call from this number, it may appear as either "Private" or "Potential Scam", so we will attempt to text you before calling this number.   We work as a team answering and finishing requests efficiently, so don't be surprised to see both of our names in messages or emails. 

Lastly, reduce your stress. If it is safe, go for a walk, call a friend, and remember:
We will make it. Together. 


ASII Staff.